• A Cyber Security Metrics Tool for Utilities

    A Cyber Security Metrics Tool for Utilities By Mark McGranaghan, VP, Distribution & Utilization, EPRI

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    By Matt Wakefield, Director,... Energy Sector: A Distributed Generation

  • Baking in Cyber from the Top
    By Lena Smart, Former VP & CSO, New York... Increasing Adoption and Value of Plug-in Electric Vehicles t

  • An Integrated Grid at the Intersection of IT and OT
    By Matt Wakefield, Director of Information, Communication & Cyber Security Research, Electric Power Research Institute

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    By Bill Gould, CTO, SolarReserve Deliver Solutions That Are Simpler To Implement, Manage And

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    By Dr. Dirk E. Mahling, CMVP; VP –... Water and Wastewater Utility Revolution: Operational and Inf

  • Adaptive Design to Improve Customer Satisfaction
    By shadowdersocks下载
    Adaptive Design to Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • shadowsock如何使用

    Charting the Course to AI in A Public Utility By Shadowsocks APK for Android - Download:Shadowsocks is a high-performance, open-source, secured socks5 proxy created by Max Lv. This application provides you with security and privacy as you browse the web. It is an intermediary that mainly created to bypass censorship.When you want to open restricted websites, then this app is for you.

  • Cloud Computing for Utilities

    Big Data To Keep The Consumers Up-To-Date By shadowsock如何使用

  • Creating the

    Using Mobile Tools For Rapid Damage Assessment By Scott Higgins, Director - Grid Automation Solutions, Schneider Electric

  • How Utilities Benefit Moving to Cloud

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  • Baking in Cyber from the Top

    shadowsock如何使用 By David Kaplan, CEO & Founder, 1Energy Systems

shadowsocksR 安卓版ios和PC版配置说明及教程(含下载 ...:2021-3-8 · ShadowsocksR 安卓 客户端配置: 安卓客户端的配置和PC端大同小异,都是需要输入账号密码服务器信息伍及端口等,小白用户可伍直接复制SSR链接!步骤如下 1.首先下载SSR到你的手机上,下载后解压到手机,是一个红色的小飞机!   3   Next>>